4 Questions a Boss Usually Asks a Value Corporate Secretary

When you have a value company secretary, you know this person knows a lot more than you thought she would. After all, she is at the office each day so she must be finding out a lot more than you thought. One thing is for sure, the secretary is always in touch with the boss. Here are some questions that bosses usually ask their secretary:


Is everyone present?

All the employees that come to work pass by the value corporate secretary. Therefore, she must have an idea if everyone came to work for that day. After all, she must know all the employees by the looks of their faces. If the boss needs to talk to anyone, he knows who is available. If someone did not go to work, the secretary may have received a text regarding why that happened.


Any meetings for today?

The value corporate secretary has a schedule of activities for the boss and the rest of the team for that day. Thus, she will know if the boss has a meeting or not. If the answer is no, then the boss will make way for more client meetings. There really is no limit to how many meetings you can have in one day. In fact, the more you have, the more productive it would be for your day. You would want your day to be as productive as possible so your company will reach new heights.


Did you keep the documents organized?

The answer should be a resounding yes. This is the first task of the secretary. Keeping all the documents of the company from the permits, minutes of the meeting up to the employee profiles neatly organized. After all, you never know when you will need them. When the time comes that you need them, you won’t have a problem finding them.


Whose birthday is next?

Whenever one of the employees is celebrating a birthday, you know everyone is going to be in a great mood. There is a chance the celebrant will buy food and drinks for everyone but that would entirely depend on that person. It would be difficult to expect something and it does not happen. You will just be disappointed but you will end up forgetting about it a couple of days later.


If the value corporate secretary is good at her job, she will most likely expect all the above questions. If you want to get a good secretary, get one from an agency. They have a lot of good secretaries ready to work for you. They would all want nothing more than to serve you. Nothing would please them more than seeing their boss smile. The relationship between a boss and his secretary will grow and they will become close to each other like a father and daughter would. Besides, they spend a lot of time with each other at work and they talk all the time. It won’t be a surprise if they know each other’s deep dark secrets.

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