Aerocredit provides SME working capital loans in Singapore

SME loans for working capital in Singapore from reputed moneylender

Though the revenues of small & medium enterprises (SME) in Singapore are not very high, they contribute significantly to the GDP of the country and are important for the growth of the economy. However, in the last few years, business expenses are increasing rapidly and many businesses find it difficult to pay their expenses, like salaries to employees due to delay in receiving payment from customers and other similar reasons. Hence to make up for the shortfall in their working capital many SMEs are interested in getting a sme working capital loan Singapore from a reputed moneylender like Aerocredit


There are many valid reasons why a business will require a loan for working capital in Singapore like paying
– salaries to employees
– procure raw materials or inventory
– pay utility bills like water, electricity, local taxes
– pay rents
– cushion against fluctuation in sales
– pay suppliers in advance to get discounts
– pay for machinery and equipment repairs
– prepare a business for a bulk order


Borrowing from moneylender
Running a business is always risky, since there is a possibility that it will make a loss, sometimes due to factors beyond its control. Hence many banks will not lend money to a business, especially if it is not well established, since there is always a possibility that it will not be able to repay the loan. So many SMEs, specifically startups find it difficult to get loans they require from banks. Additionally the time taken for approving a loan application is also more for a bank. Hence SMEs in Singapore should consider contacting a reputed moneylender, Aerocredit to get the loan they require for their working capital requirements


Aerocredit is a licensed moneylender and listed in the Singapore government registered moneylenders list. They conform to the Singapore government norms for lending money. Since the amount of the SME loan will be much higher than the personal loan, the business will have to provide a collateral and guarantor while taking the loan. They will also check the credit record of the business, to find out if it has paid other loans taken on time. Some information on the business will be required, especially financial details, to find out if the business is viable, and will have sufficient income in future to repay the loan.


Aerocredit mainly specializes in offering short term loans to businesses in Singapore at competitive rates. They will consider applications from businesses who are unable to get loans from banks or already have loans from other money lenders. The procedure specified by the Singapore government for loans will be followed, and the business will get a copy of the terms when the loan is approved. For more details on the loan for working capital, the business owner or staff can contact Aerocredit on Whats app, phone, or using the contact form provided on the website. The well trained and professional Aerocredit staff will contact the business with more details of the loan, documents required.

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