Finding comfortable sandals for hammer toes

Many people prefer to wear sandals instead of shoes since they find the sandals more comfortable. Some people have hammer toes due to which they cannot wear most of the standard models of sandals available in the market since some of their toes are larger. Hence they are interested in finding a supplier of comfortable well-designed sandals for hammer toes so that they can walk in these sandals without experiencing pain.

Design features

While there are many companies which sell sandals for people with food problems, a person having hammer toes should try to ensure that the footwear is biomechanically engineered and has the following features:

– an extra depth so that the hammer toes will fit comfortably
– wide toe box
– made from soft, flexible, and stretchable material so that it will fit people with different hammer toe shapes. The top part of the sandal will conform to feet of different shapes.
– offers arch support and is ergonomically designed
– has gel padding for better cushioning
– orthotic insole
– it should be easy to slip on the sandals, not much effort is required. Similarly, the user should be able to fasten the sandals securely and quickly remove the sandals when they are not required.

The sandals are available in different sizes to cater to the requirement of the customers with hammer toes. Customers should measure their feet accurately to record the dimensions before choosing the right sandal. They should choose colors which are compatible with the clothes they wear.


Though having hammer toes is painful, wearing the right sandals specially designed for men and women with hammer toes can reduce the discomfort of the user to a great extent. However, the user should carefully review the design of the sandals, also choose the right size and look for the best work shoes for a neuroma.

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