Giga Watt’s Hosting Service

Giga Watt Inc.’s mining facility in Wenatchee WA offers miners several important advantages. A miner’s core expenses are electricity, maintenance and infrastructure access. Minimizing your ongoing costs is the best way to stay afloat in times of high mining difficulty and lower exchange rate. Having access to inexpensive and reliable industrial mining facility and power capacity to accommodate your miners is a huge benefit.

Giga Watt Inc. offers exactly that:When you host your miners at Giga Watt, you enjoy the benefit of some of the world’s cheapest power. The facility comes with a team of experts who maintain your equipment 24/7 and can effectively diagnose and repair your miners and quickly get them back to hashing – an onsite service center. The team has 5 years experience designing and building industrial mining facilities. Giga Watt Inc. is completely transparent – you can come to a regularly scheduled Open House and see for yourself that the equipment you own is safe, working for you with minimum downtime.Entry threshold is just 1 miner.

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