How to Choose an Online Florist in Singapore

It is always good to know where to get the best flowers online in Singapore, regardless of the occasion. Flowers are arguably the most beautiful thing on the planet as they add beauty, love, and joy to people’s lives. Flowers can enliven people’s day and make them smile with their beauty and invigorating fragrance.

Singapore boasts of several online florists, but not all of them offer the best services at an affordable price. Here are 6 tips that will help you to choose the best online florist in Singapore within your budget.

How to Choose an Online Florist in Singapore

  1. On-Time Flower Delivery

You will need to find an online florist in Singapore that offer safe and on-time delivery of the flowers. This will ensure the recipient gets the fresh flowers at their doorstep. Established online florists such as Floristique offer the same-day delivery service if you place your order before noon, an excellent option in case the flowers require urgent delivery.

The company you are going to choose should offer high-quality service and must be prompt in replying to all your queries.

  1. Freshness and Range of Flower Bouquets

Ask the company about the varieties of their flower bouquets as well as the freshness of all the flowers that the delivery service going to send. Most of these outlets stock roses, daffodils, orchids, and tulips.

The florist also must know to choose all the flowers according to the occasion. The flowers going to be delivered must match the theme of the occasion so that you won’t encounter any embarrassment at the time of delivery.

The florist must have a fair understanding of what flowers to send to match the special occasion.

  1. Arrangement of the Flowers

Apart from the freshness of the flowers, the arrangement of the flowers also plays a major part in choosing an online florist in Singapore.

The online flower delivery outlet must employ astute and gifted bouquet designers who can arrange the flowers in a presentable and elegant manner so that the bouquet won’t look ugly.

Some flower designers in Singapore such as Floristique can expertly arrange the flowers with their artistic imagination resulting in stunning and elegant flower bouquets.

  1. Honest Pricing

Price is another important factor in choosing an online florist in Singapore. Online florists such as Floristique offer pricing that are neither too low nor too high for the items offered. This will prevent you from buying low-quality items with misleading promises along with high costs.

Flowers are delicate items and require simple and careful handling when they are bundled into a bouquet. The florist also needs some time to set up a beautiful bouquet to match the theme of the occasion.

So, all it requires is adequate time, effort, and artistry to handle the delicate flowers. Sometimes, the price of the brought in plants is quite high, and is not easy to reduce the price. You will rarely find an extremely economical bouquet with good quality flowers in Singapore.

  1. Check Their Customer Reviews

Before finally opting for an online flower delivery service in Singapore, check what their past customers about to say regarding their services. Conduct a Google search, read both positive and negative reviews to make a clear assessment of the company.

Customer reviews convey the relationship between the company and its customers. Nothing is more horrible than using the services of a company that maltreats its customers.

If possible, reach out to some of their past customers and know more about their experiences with the florist first-hand. If they endorse the company then you can safely order from that florist.

  1. Place Your Order Early

Online florists in Singapore tend to hike the prices of their flower products when a specific occasion like Romantic Day or Mother’s Day celebration is just around the corner. The hike in prices is usually added to the delivery charges to deliver the product on time.

To avoid higher delivery charges, place your order a week early before the occasion arrives. This way you won’t have to pay those extra delivery charges and you will likely get a beautifully designed flower product for the recipient.


Before ordering from the online florist in Singapore, go through their repayment policies. Florists levy some fines in some cases if you want to cancel your order for some reason. Therefore, execute comprehensive research and opt for an online florist like Floristique that will suit your preferences.


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