Multiple room BTO flat renovation tips

Many families in Singapore purchasing a home for the first time prefer to purchase a BTO (Build to order flat) from the Housing development board, since there are less likely to be legal problems and the prices are more affordable. Families with children or having guests often will usually purchase a four room bto flat. Since the rooms in the bto flat are usually small in size, most home owners are interested in hiring a reputed design firm for their 4 room bto renovation to make their home look larger. Darwin Interior is one of the most reputed interior design firms in Singapore with many years in BTO design.

The experienced staff at the firm will first listen to the home owners requirement for home renovation, why he is renovating the home, and the features which he wishes to incorporate in the home. The interior designer will first visit the flat to find out the actual condition. Then using his extensive experience in designing homes, especially BTO flats, the interior designer will submit his proposal for the renovation of the flat. He will also submit the cost of the renovation, payment terms and the time taken to complete the renovation work. If the home owner agrees, the renovation can be started.

The 4-room flat will usually consist of the living room, kitchen and bedrooms. Often professionals are being asked to work from home, so there should be a provision for a home office, where family members can work comfortably. The carpentry for the furniture is one of the most important aspects of the renovation and the firm has experienced carpenters who will make the well designed furniture and also ensure that there is sufficient storage space. In terms of design, the kitchen is the most complex area, since a suitable counter-top has to be provided for cooking,cupboards for storage and washbasin for washing utensils.

To save money and time, the designer will try to retain the fittings and fixtures which are already installed by the builder. The furniture will be chosen to make the rooms look bigger and make optimal use of the space available. Pastel and lighter colors will be used for the walls and decor since they create the illusion that the space is larger than what it is. Mirrors may also be installed in some areas for convenience and making the area look larger. A warranty is offered on all the materials and renovation work which is done. Free repairs are offered if there is any problem in the home renovation during the warranty period.

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